Running around baltic sea

Beyond the finish line

     In 2013, firefighter Aidas Ardzijauskas comopleted a remarkable journey around the Baltic Sea, running for 45 days and covering a distance of 3,263 km., on average, running 72 km per day. His adventure started on August 1st, 2013 in Klaipėda, Lithuania. The journey traversed neighboring countries such as Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Poland. 

    Accompanying A. Ardzijauskas on his journey was a dedicated team of assistants who provided logistical support, including arranging food, coordinating accommodation, and managing border crossings. They traveled alongside him in a support vehicle, which also carried a bike for escorting A. Ardzijauskas while he ran. Throughout the run, the composition of the support team changed as different members joined or left. A. Ardzijauskas relied on a diet mainly consisting of grains and pasta, and he stayed in various accommodations, including hotels, with friendly locals, and even in fire stations along the route.

    Aidas packed eight pairs of shoes for the journey. He ended up using only three pairs, discarding the worn-out ones along the way.

Endurance Triumphs: Overcoming Challenges and Mastering Mindset

The runner encountered his first difficulties in Latvia, where he was bitten by an insect, resulting in an allergic reaction and swelling in his leg. Medical attention was necessary, and the swelling took seven days to subside.
The most daunting segment of the run awaited him in Denmark, where strong winds prevailed. Additionally, in certain areas, the GPS system led him astray, compelling him to return to the main road.

    In Helsinki, A. Ardzijauskas' support team underwent a change. Two therapists—physiotherapist Jūratė Domeikaitė and orthopedic resident Rūta Banytė—joined to assist him. During breaks in the run or after completing his daily mileage, the specialists administered massages, conducted stretching exercises, and worked to replenish his strength after enduring significant physical strain.

    One of Aidas' legs consistently swelled in the evenings. Despite fatigue and pain, the runner remained resolute, determined to push himself each morning.

Aidas's Closing Thoughts

"However, the journey itself went smoothly - there were no major adventures. The most challenging aspect was dealing with myself, convincing myself to get up and run again. Throughout, I clung to thoughts that kept me going."

"A person's strength lies in their mind. If a thought strikes them, they will act on it." - Aidas

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